04 March 2004

Clickatell places South Africa among the top mobile communication countries in the world

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Having accepted the invitation of presenting the workshop at the largest GSM event in the world, Clickatell found themselves sharing centre stage with forerunning companies such as Motorola, Digital DNA, The Parlay Group, Symbian and Siemens Mobile, proving that South Africa is among the top countries when it comes to mobile communications. The 2004 Vodacom Mobile Connect event is aimed at promoting mobile applications, integration and usage in South Africa.

With panel discussions, case studies, workshops and exhibitions from South Africa's leading mobile solutions providers, it promises to inspire the business community with innovative mobile technologies. Clickatell's SMS workshop, presented by globally renowned messaging expert, Gary Cousins, will give a comprehensive overview of the SMS industry including the latest technologies, integration with Clickatell's carrier-grade SMS gateway through multiple protocols, technical features of SMS and the future of the mobile messaging industry in general.

With the news just being confirmed by the GSM Association, that there are now globally more GSM mobile handsets in daily use than the total number of personal computers and televisions combined, and that the number of mobile subscribers exceeded the number of fixed telephone lines for the first time in 2003, developers, programmers and industry players are advised not to miss out on attending the workshop as Clickatell will offer advice and information on how to globalise your offerings, by providing you with all the tools, insight and information you will need to build and integrate your mobile messaging application. Cape Town based SMS enabler Clickatell opened the floodgates for SMS applications in 2001, by providing simplified and reliable integration into carrier-grade message gateways.

In the short space of a few years, this South African owned company grew rapidly and are now considered to be one of the leaders in the mobile communications industry with over 4,500 active developers connecting to their SMS gateway in order to SMS-enable their applications from all corners of the globe. As a leading end-to-end mobile data solutions provider, delivering services to developers and thousands of other clients in more than 180 countries, Clickatell's services include global message aggregation and delivery, messaging enablement and applications, and the provision of mobile developer-centric platforms, API's and toolkits.

Clickatell's clients, who include mobile networks, developers, application vendors and businesses, utilise their carrier-grade technology platform for immediate deployment of various solutions for consumers and businesses. Clickatell's global messaging gateway enables mobile text message delivery to over 550 mobile networks around the globe, all of whom benefit directly or indirectly from SMS generated from a large number of service providers and applications.

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