Atlanta, GA and Redwood City, CA - As mobile, especially text messaging, continues to become the communications method of choice across many aspects of life, Premiere Global (NYSE: PGI) has integrated Clickatell's leading SMS-as-a-Service platform to provide customers with the option of adding mobile text message alerts into all aspects of existing business communications, often including email, voice, online, and physical mail communications.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Premiere Global Services has presence in 24 countries and is accessed by nearly one million end users from an established base of more than 50,000 customers, including 90% of the Fortune 500.

Premiere Global Services provides customers with the ability to tap into Clickatell's gateway to immediately start sending SMS notifications to millions of customers with a click of a mouse. Through a simple enhanced interface in Premiere Global Service's software, customers can easily and quickly add and customize SMS distribution based on user preferences and opt-in choices.

The partnership provides global customers with the ability to integrate, send and manage large scale SMS communications with customers; reaching more people in more countries, more often, in less time via mobile text messaging - a preferred choice by most consumers.

Premiere Global Services is already being used in a myriad of sectors including airlines, banking, collection, hospitals, insurance, pharmaceutical, and retail drug markets to manage communications across many platforms and IT environments. The partnership with Clickatell allows Premier Global Service's customers in these segments to offer high value text-based flight status notifications, delivery reminders, trade confirmations, transaction alerts, appointment reminders, automated notifications to streamline accounts receivable, and payment reminders to improve cash flow by reducing the number of outstanding payments and eliminating the need to employ a "live agent" call center for collections purposes.

"By integrating text messaging into existing business processes, companies are gaining competitive advantage, excelling at customer services and improving their operational efficiency," said Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell CEO. "Already available on 4 billion+ handsets worldwide, SMS remains the most used mobile application -- over instant messaging (IM), media rich MMS, mobile email, and even voice in many regions. People simply prefer to be notified via SMS on their mobile phone."

In Australia alone, Frost & Sullivan* reports that enterprise SMS message volumes will grow to 290.4 million messages per day by 2015 from 175 million messages per day in 2008. Frost & Sullivan highlights the cost effectiveness promising high return on investment of enterprise text messaging as a key market driver. *This is proprietary research commissioned by Premiere on the market.

"It's clear that the enterprise mobile imperative is here to stay and our Fortune 500 customers are eager to launch enterprise-class SMS services," said David Adams, Premiere Global Services' Products Director, APAC. "Why, because there is money in it. Given the current macro economic environment, our customers are trying to satisfy, retain and attract new customers all while greatly reducing operational costs. SMS delivery information directly to cell phones and it is exactly what people want; text messaging remains the most common mobile denominator in terms of acceptance. Clickatell offers the perfect solution to incorporate the ability to deploy SMS rapidly and directly from our software."

"We are pleased and honoured to be working with Premiere Global Services, clearly a leading provider of integrated communications software across various customer segments around the globe," concludes de Villiers.

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