01 May 2006

3rdSun places premium rate SMS services within easy reach

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Cape Town, South Africa - 16ixty makes it easy for non-technical users to set up SMS-based services online, and provides a Web-based front-end tool and monthly management service. The service is aimed at individual users and smaller companies wanting to set up premium rate SMS services. Clement Olivier, managing director of Cape Town-based 3rdSun Solutions, says 16ixty makes it possible for anyone to easily and cost-effectively set up and manage their own SMS services without needing technical resources. "All administrative tasks required for ordering, setting up and maintaining your SMS service are handled by 16ixty.

When running their SMS campaigns, users can rest assured that all the back-end technicalities are taken care of and that the delivery of their communication is guaranteed," he says. 3rdSun's interface with Clickatell ensures users have access to a vast range of SMS services, without having to concern themselves with the complexity of setting up and managing the network connections to each mobile operator. 3rdSun selected Clickatell for network access, connections and the physical sending of all SMSs because of its proven functionality, world-wide distribution framework and wide selection of services. "Clickatell is the market's leading SMS gateway provider and offers a robust infrastructure while ensuring a reduced cost per SMS. A broader scope of services means we can also offer WAP capabilities for sending and receiving SMS, for example.

Clickatell is based locally, but covers the globe, and so ensures 3rdSun can extend this capability to its customers around the world," says Olivier. Clickatell's open APIs and SMS service developer kits are available to developers around the world. Its third party showcase also provides developers with a platform to publicise and distribute their software. "Clickatell's SMS gateway offers developers an ideal platform for creating mobile messaging applications. Our APIs, SMS tools and software development kits are available to developers, programmers and industry players worldwide, demonstrating our commitment to ongoing innovation in the mobile messaging arena," says Anton Lan, head of Middle East and Africa at Clickatell.

The 16ixty solution provides users with dedicated software tools that can be accessed via a Web browser. Setting up the system is a simple process of registering online at http://www.16ixty.com and obtaining a password for day-to-day management of all SMS communications. Web-based access also makes the service ideal for companies wishing to work remotely. In addition, the solution is pre-packaged so customers don't incur the costs typically associated with customised solutions. There is a basic set up fee and monthly rental charge for maintenance and support.

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