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Why does my WhatsApp number have the incorrect status in Meta Business Manager?

Connected - A phone number can send notifications within its messaging limit.

Restricted - A phone number has reached its rolling 24-hour messaging limit and cannot send notifications until the messaging limit is reset. For example, if a business in ‘1K customers/24h” tier sends notifications to 500 users at 1pm and notifications to additional 500 users at 1:30pm, a business can start sending notifications to 500 users at 1pm the following day. A phone number can still respond to user-initiated messages. The state is formally known as “Message Limit Reached.”

Flagged - A phone number moves to a “Flagged” state (previously called “warned”) when its message quality is low (i.e., quality rating hits “low” state). If a phone number maintains a good quality rating (high or medium rating) for the next 7 days, it returns to “connected” state with no change in its messaging limit. If the quality rating does not improve, the number will return to “connected” state with a lower messaging limit tier.

Banned - A phone number has been banned from sending or receiving any messages.

Pending - A phone number is not yet registered. (PENDING_LICENSE status on Unity

Offline - Client instance is offline or not connected to WhatsApp servers.

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