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What are the new WhatsApp template categories?

In February 2023, WhatsApp simplified its template categories and all message templates now fall into one of only three categories: Marketing, Utility, or Authentication.

Note: Authentication template categories are not currently supported by Clickatell.

Note that from 1 April 2023, Clickatell will automatically update the categories of your existing WhatsApp message templates to reflect this change. This will not affect your messaging in any way.

The three categories are used for use cases as listed below:

  • Marketing – Send promotional offers, product announcements, and more to increase awareness and engagement.

  • Utility – Send account updates, order updates, alerts, and more to share important information.

  • Authentication (not currently supported) – Send codes that allow your customers to securely access their accounts.

As of 1 June 2023, the category of the message template will also define the conversation category. Depending on the template category, business-initiated conversations will either be categorized as marketing, utility, or authentication conversations (all of which require customer opt-in). All user-initiated conversations which help customers resolve inquiries will be categorized as service conversations.

Conversation charges will be based on the template category. See here for more information.

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