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What are non-transactional WhatsApp template messages?

Where transactional messages are alerts generated as a result of an action an end-user takes or due to a system logic specific to the end-user (e.g., fraud alert, payment confirmation, delayed flight, etc.), non-transactional messages allow the businesses to proactively reach out to customers with messages that are like re-engagement, e.g. information about a new product launch, reminders of an abandoned shopping cart, informing a customer when an item they previously looked for is back in stock, re-engaging in a sales customer journey, etc. (see more use cases below). Non-transactional template messages cannot be marketing or broadcast messages. Only certain countries are currently allowed to send non-transactional template messages.

In both cases, the business has to first ask the customer to opt-in to receive these types of messages.

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Suggested use cases by vertical


Proactive outreach for top-ups before minutes run out, reminders about plan renewals before expiration, relevant offers and deals

Financial Services

Product recommendations based on recent purchases (e.g., signing up for a new credit card, line of credit, or installment plan), relevant offers and deals (e.g., credit card discounts and/or partnerships)


Back in stock reminder, product recommendations based on recent purchases, relevant offers and deals, cart abandonment reminders for products not yet purchased, relevant new product introductions


Price alerts for flights the customer is tracking, custom deals based on travel preferences, upsell offers in context (e.g., car booking), cart abandonment reminders for flights not yet purchased


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