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How do I acquire a verified green tick for my WhatsApp Business Account?

During the onboarding and registration process, WhatsApp will review your business application and grant access to the WhatsApp network at its discretion. WhatsApp recognizes two types of business accounts:


1. Regular business account

  • Every business that is approved gets this status.

  • The verified business name will only be visible in the contact view. All other views will display your WhatsApp Business phone number. The contact view will display a grey ‘Confirmed’ checkmark with the verified business name in smaller text.

  • No green checkmark is visible.


2. Official business account

  • Select businesses are given this status at WhatsApp’s discretion at the time of approval.

  • Instead of the phone number, your verified business name will be visible in the chat list, chat screens, chat groups, and contact view.

  • A green checkmark will also be visible in the contact view.


Applying for an Official Business Account

Customers can request Clickatell for a green checkmark if they think they qualify. We will open a support ticket for WhatsApp's consideration at no extra cost.

WhatsApp can take up to three weeks to review the request and provide feedback.

Please note: WhatsApp does not share their criteria for approval of this request and as such we cannot guarantee the approval for our customers.

To be considered for an official business account, WhatsApp requests that the following information at a minimum must be submitted as part of the Support ticket:

  • Facebook Business verification check: Provide a screenshot showing your verified Facebook account status.

  • Business Facebook Page URL.

  • Business website.

  • Business name in languages other than English (if any).


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