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How do I add agent users to Chat Desk?

You can add as many agent users as you want to your Chat Desk.

Log into the Clickatell Portal. Click the profile icon in the top right and select User Management from the drop-down.

Click the + New User button.

Add the user's personal details, and assign one or more roles to the user.

Click the + Add Role link to assign this role to the user. You can assign more than one role per user. Clicking the Invite User button will send an email invitation to the user. The email contains a link directing the user to the sign-up page where they can set their password and gain access to the portal. The new user is added to your Users table with the status "Invite Pending". This will change to "Active" once the user has accepted the invitation, set their password, and logged into the portal. 

To edit an existing user, navigate to User Management and select the user you want to edit from the table.

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