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How does reversals, refunds and chargebacks work?

How does Chat 2 Pay handle reversals and refunds?

Currently, Chat 2 Pay only handles reversals. It does not support refunds in any capacity.

If a transaction is unsuccessful and maintains the same status, if that status is no older than 48 hours, Chat 2 Pay automatically reverses the transaction. Once a transaction has been in a pending state for over 24 hours, it cannot be reversed and must be refunded. You can either contact your Cybersource account executive or send an email to Cybersource support email or create a ticket via your merchant dashboard

Does Chat 2 Pay support auto-reversals?

Yes, Chat 2 Pay supports reversals via Reversal APIs. It also supports auto-reversals on Chat Flow when a transaction is in a REVIEW state.

Does Chat 2 Pay provide chargebacks?

Chat 2 Pay does not handle chargebacks. We only handle the payment orchestration, i.e., facilitating the payment with Cybersource. If you have any chargeback-related issues, you can reach out to your Cybersource account executive, send an email to Cybersource support, or create a ticket via your merchant dashboard to get any general issues resolved promptly.

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