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Can I remove Chat 2 Pay from my workflow?

To stop using Chat 2 Pay in Chat Flow:

  1. Remove the Chat 2 Pay node from the specific workflow where you no longer want to use it. Simply select the node and click the bin icon in the top right. Remember to rebuild the portion of the workflow where you've removed the Chat 2 Pay node, otherwise, when the end-user reached this point with no next step configured, the flow will just end unexpectedly and the end-user will receive an error message.

  2. Depending on the scenario, you can delink the WhatsApp number from the particular flow completely. In Chat Flow, navigate to the Routing section and remove the relevant route. Remember that by doing this the end-users will receive no response if they attempt to contact your business on that number if the number is not linked to another workflow.

  3. You can also disable Chat Flow from your Chat 2 Pay configuration in the Clickatell Portal. Note that this will remove Chat 2 Pay from Chat Flow completely, and you won't be able to use it in any of your workflows in Chat Flow.

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