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How do I add a short link?

Campaign Manager is integrated with to shorten and track link clicks in the platform. You can shorten any URL link used in your text messages in order to limit the number of characters you use.

From within Campaign Manager, navigate to Tools ->Short Links from the panel on the left. In the top right, click on the 'Actions' drop-down list and select ‘Add Short Link URL’. Give your short URL a descriptive name so that you can identify which campaign it belongs to and enter the full URL (that will be used to generate the new short URL). Click 'Save'.

To send a campaign that includes your short URL, you can do it by selecting the 'Send' button (envelope icon) in the row of the short URL you want to use. You can also copy the link from the page and paste it into the desired campaign.

The number of clicks that each short URL receives throughout your campaign will automatically be updated in the ‘Clicks’ column next to the short URL. You can use this to measure campaign success or A/B test your SMS messages. Learn more about how to calculate the click-through rates for your SMS campaigns here.


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