Why complete transactions via a chat app and not on the phone?

It’s a better customer experience​

  • An innovative, intuitive, and secure method to make call center payments.​

  • Meets customer expectations for convenience by using much-loved chat channels to engage and transact.​

  • Provides higher customer engagement​ and improves customer satisfaction.


It’s secure, contactless checkout​

  • Reduces the threat of card theft and related fraud associated with call center orders, as there’s no need to share payment information with an unknown 3rd party by reading it out over the phone.

  • Converts more sales by reducing perceived risk leading to cart abandonment.


It impacts the bottom line

  • Streamlines the payment acceptance process for the business, reducing friction and the time and effort needed to make the payment.

  • Drives adoption, by helping to move customers to a lower-cost, more efficient channel of communication and commerce for future interactions.

  • Improves agent productivity, as it reduces the length of the call, and there is no need to double-check payment information already provided via voice.

  • It helps a business expand its omnichannel strategy.


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