Can I choose which visitors see the Touch Web Chat on my website?

Web Chat is currently not available via the new portal, but is coming soon!


If you are currently using the old user portal:

If you want your widget to be available only in certain geographical locations, you can manage this by navigating to ‘Touch → Configure Touch’ and clicking the ‘Manage‘ button in the Web Chat block. Select the ‘Location settings‘ tab. The default location setting is ‘All regions‘. Select ‘Only these selected regions‘ and use the toggles to individually select the regions where the widget should be enabled. Then click on ‘Manage locations‘ next to the region to select specific countries inside the region (defaults to ‘All‘). The Web Chat widget will only appear to visitors visiting your website from within these specified countries

These settings are dependent on the individual user privacy settings on their browser and whether they allow Touch to use their location or not.


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