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Turkey SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

Turkey boasts a massive and rapidly growing mobile market, with great opportunities for smart marketers. Because Unicode is supported, you’ll have the freedom to send SMS messages using Turkish accents – a great way to connect with your local market. Note that using Unicode reduces the number of characters per message, usually to a maximum of 70 characters. Certain message regulations apply, which you can see in the table below. You can also read more at the Information and Communication Technologies Authority online.

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Restriction Description
Sender ID Alphanumeric Sender ID is allowed and requires pre-registration. Numeric Sender IDs are likely to be blocked.
Message content All SMS messages used for advertising and marketing purposes must abide by the following regulations:

  • Must be prefaced with ‘REKLAM:’ or ‘TANITIM’, which indicates to the end user that s/he is receiving a promotional message.
  • The SMS should include the company’s URL or customer care number, and inform the recipient of where they can find details of campaign or promotion being advertised.
  • The SMS must end with an option to opt-out.
  • Unsolicited messages will not be sent to end users.

The following message types are strictly prohibited:

  • Gambling
  • Adult content
  • SPAM

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