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How do I test my HTTP integration?

Follow these easy steps to test your HTTP integration in our sandbox environment and send free test messages to your pre-registered test phone numbers.

Log in to Clickatell SMS Platform and click on the name of your HTTP integration on the SMS integrations page.  Select Code library from the tabs along the top of the page.

On the Code library page, you'll find your code snippet which will already contain all the information you need to test your integration including your unique API Key, your test number, and the message content.

curl "https://platform.clickatell.com/messages/http/send?apiKey=eNLEJ7ClRsefiIZAnxaLcw==&to=2782000000&content=Test+message+text"

Copy and paste the URL into your internet browser address bar and hit enter to send your test message. You can edit the content of the text message in the URL before sending a free test message to your registered test phone number.

Ensure that the phone number in your URL is the test phone number that is linked in your HTTP integration. If you added or changed the test number after creating your integration, you may need to edit it accordingly in the URL. You’ll only receive the test message if the number is linked to your integration. See more about how to link your test number to your HTTP integration here.

You should receive a successful response back from our system with an API message ID that you can track in the Sent detail report.

How do I test my HTTP integration?

You can also test your HTTP integration with real numbers and get a simulated response. This is helpful to understand what response your system can expect when messages are sent successfully.

If you receive an error message, check out our error description table to troubleshoot.

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