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Senegal SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

Before you start sending messages to Senegal, make sure you understand the regulations surrounding message content. View the table below, and be sure to visit the Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts online for more information.

It’s a good idea to work with a sales advisor to ensure compliancy with all SMS regulations. Get in touch now and set up your messaging program with the help of our experts.

Restriction Description
Sender ID Pre-registration of Sender ID (from address) may be required.
Message content

You may not send messages:

  • Adult permissible
  • Note: Political messaging may only be sent between 8am and 6pm. Unsolicited political messages are not allowed, and various additional restrictions apply to political messaging.
  • to people without their prior consent;
  • to people who are not on your legally obtained mailing list;
  • promoting illegal products and service;
  • that contain defamatory, insulting, pornographic, and racist content contrary to public order and good moral behavior;
  • which is detrimental to the respect of the human person and his/her dignity, to equality between men and women, or to the protection of minors or the rights of any person;
  • that incite violence and the use of prohibited substances

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