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What is the price to send or receive a message on my WhatsApp Business Account?

Clickatell offers WhatsApp subscription packages to get you started from as little as $125 per month.

View more information about the subscription packages and what each includes, here.

Packages exclude the use of template messages which WhatsApp will charge for, over and above the cost of your subscription package.

Different charges are incurred for the three different message types available:

Customer-initiated messages – These are incoming message which your business can reply to. When your customers reach out to your business via WhatsApp, this will initiate a 24-hour conversation session. All messages that you send in reply to the customer within the 24-hour window, are deducted from your monthly message bundle which is included in your package price.

Business-initiated messages – These are outbound messages initiated by your business, usually in the form of notifications or alerts. You’ll need to use a template message in order to do this and will be charged for separately by WhatsApp. Read more about setting up template messages here, and WhatsApp’s pricing for these messages, here.

Re-engagement messages – If a consumer initiated a 24-hour conversation session, but your business replies outside of the 24-hour window, the reply message requires a message template and will also be charged as a templated message. Learn more about setting up template messages here, and WhatsApp’s pricing for these messages, here.

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