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New Zealand SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

Before you start sending to New Zealand, please ensure you understand the Consumer regulations around messaging as outlined by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. It is best practice to obtain end user consent before sending any communication from your service. Unsolicited messages will not be sent to end users. It is best to communicate with end users during their day time, unless the message is urgent.

Restriction Description
Sender ID Alpha Sender IDs are not supported and will be overwritten with the default Clickatell short code for all SMS traffic to New Zealand.
Message content Marketing messages and social invitations are not allowed in the message content.
Messages must include the name of the company authorized to send the message. Vodafone requires the company name to be appended at the start of each message. Messages not containing the company name may be filtered at the time of delivery.
Opt-in Unsolicited messages are not permitted. Obtain end-user consent before sending any communication.
Opt-out All SMS campaigns should allow the end users to opt-out of the program.

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