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Indonesia SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

If you’re sending SMS messages to Indonesia, keep in mind that Unicode isn’t supported by any networks. For more messaging restrictions, please see the table below. You can also read more at Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.

If you’re ready to start sending messages to Indonesia, our sales advisors are on hand to guide you through the process.

It’s a good idea to work with a sales advisor to ensure compliancy with all SMS regulations. Get in touch now and set up your messaging program with the help of our experts.

Restriction Description
Sender ID
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • Additional charges for long numbers apply.
  • Only alphanumeric SMS messages are applicable at the published rates.
Message format Unicode is not supported.
Content of message SMS messages may not:

  • contain any contaminating or destructive properties;
  • corrupt or otherwise destroy any data or software contained on our messaging platform
  • in any way disrupt or interfere with any services provided to the users;
  • contain any spam, advertising or promotional materials;
  • contain anything that is misleading, deceiving, obscene, offensive or defamatory against any
    person; and
  • breach any laws or regulations, or infringement any rights of any third party, or give rise to any claim by any person.

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