How do I initiate the payment as the merchant?

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The merchant’s customer support agent initiates a payment from the merchant’s Order Management System (OMS) using the embedded Chat 2 Pay extension.


Once the agent has created an order in the OMS, they select “Chat 2 Pay” from the payment options on the OMS.

Create new order


Sample customer order made by the customer service agent in conversation with the customer via a call center


Select Chat 2 Pay as payment method


All details of the order such as order number, amounts (total, tax, subtotal), and customer’s phone number are automatically imported to the Chat 2 Pay extension. The agent has the option to update the phone number and select a channel (SMS or WhatsApp) to send the customer a Chat 2 Pay message.


Once details are entered and the agent clicks "Send", a status guide informs the agent of the consumer’s activity.


The first message sent to the consumer contains a web link that takes the consumer through the checkout process.

Depending on the merchant’s CyberSource configuration, the checkout process will either use CyberSource’s “Secure Acceptance” or “Unified Checkout” platform. In the case of “Secure Acceptance”, the checkout page will either be hosted by the merchant OR CyberSource. For “Unified Checkout”, the payment page is hosted by Clickatell.


First message appears on the customer’s screen with a payment link. Clicking the link takes the user to the payment screen.


Once the payment is complete, the customer receives a second message with a link to the purchase receipt.

Second message with link to payment receipt


In parallel, the agent receives a status update on the OMS screen.


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