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What does error code 108: invalid or missing API ID mean?

If you’re seeing error code 108: Invalid or missing api_id when trying to integrate with a third-party application it’s likely that the application is trying to point to our old platform. In November 2016, Clickatell launched a new SMS Platform. The third-party application could still be linking to our old platform, resulting in the error code.

Check your URL call, if it is pointing to “api.clickatell.com”, you’re trying to connect to our old platform. The URL call to connect to the new Clickatell Platform is “platform.clickatell.com/messages”.

Your API authentication key is generated within your Clickatell Platform account when you create your integration and will always be a 24-character string in the following basic format: 9sLMn3hjRimPlZHLef4wGB== . This key is not recognized by our old Platform and will generate the error.

When you see this error, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team. Please mention which third-party application you’re trying to integrate with for our support team to assist.

We are actively working with our third-party developers to update their integrations to work with our new SMS Platform.

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