How do I create a WhatsApp message template for approval?

Once your business is verified by WhatsApp, you can proceed with the registration and approval of Template Messages.

When registering a template message, you will need to provide the following information:

• Template name
• Template tag
• Template message with parameters

Template name
A unique name to identify the template use case for the business. It should be in lower case characters only, with no spaces. You can use underscores to indicate spaces.

Template tag
This refers to the type of message that the template is about. Select the value from a predefined set of categories during registration.

Template message with parameters
Transactional notification with the content and its associated parameters that will be registered. All parameters will be defined within curly open/close braces and listed in chronological order. For example, {{1}}. A template message will contain at least one parameter, can contain up to 4096 characters, and all message formatting options will apply.

Template example

 Template name Template tag Template message Parameter details
optin_confirmation Account Update Dear {{1}}. You are now subscribed to receive account-related alerts for your account ending in {{2}}.


{{1}} – Name of the recipient, eg. John

{{2}} – Last 4 digits of the account, eg. 1234


Clickatell default template messages

Clickatell will also make a few default template messages available for all approved and verified businesses to use. This will allow the business the ability to test and implement this functionality while the business-specific templates are being registered.

Re-engagement messages

Messages sent from business to consumers for the first time, or more than 24 hours after the consumer last messaged the business, are known as “re-engagement messages”.

All such messages are required to be a template message. Read more about templated and re-engagement messages here.

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