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How do I know which type of Clickatell account I have and how my service will be impacted by the migration to AWS?

If you signed up with Clickatell before November 2016 and you link to our system using api.clickatell.com, encryption-api.clickatell.com, ftpupload.clickatell.com or smpp.clickatell.com, you most likely have a Developer Central or Communicator 2 account.

Top questions for Developer Central and Communicator accounts:

Full list of FAQs which detail the steps you will need to take next.


If you signed up with Clickatell after November 2016 and you link to our system using https://platform.clickatell.com/messages, then you most likely have a Clickatell Platform account and there will be minimal impact. Please see these FAQs which detail any possible effects on your message deliverability as well as our timelines for the migration.

In order to ensure a seamless migration with minimal impact for you, we will be updating the information regarding the AWS migration regularly and we’ll send you reminders during the course of the process.

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