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Canadian SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

Before you start sending to Canada, please ensure you understand the regulations around messaging. All programs are required to be compliant within the regulations outlined in Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation. Your program also needs to comply with the specific country laws, guidelines and mobile operator policies that continue to evolve and are subject to change without prior notice.

Non-compliant messages may result in your program being blocked and filtered by major carrier networks in Canada.

Clickatell recommends the use of a short code for optimal delivery for A2P (Application-to-person) messaging use cases. When using a long number, we recommend that you send no more than 1 message per second, and avoid any bulk or burst SMS programs. Should you require a higher sending frequency, please contact our sales team for more options.

Restriction Description
Opt in End users must opt in to your service. Unsolicited messages may and will not be sent to end users. Explicit opt-in consent is required before marketing messages may be sent to end users. Users on the Do Not Call registry may not be contacted.
Message content For services or applications involving, but not limited to, alcohol, tobacco, and adult content, your program must verify that each end user is of legal age in his/her province or territory of residence, prior to allowing them to participate in the program or receive a text message from your service. These programs should not be marketed to individuals under the legal age.

The maximum length of a text message is 160 characters.

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