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Brazil SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

Before you start sending SMS messages to Brazil, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Your from address (Sender ID) may be changed to a local number to provide optimal delivery to Brazilian networks. Additional restrictions in message content and format can be viewed in the table below. You can also read more at the Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações.

It’s a good idea to work with a sales advisor to ensure compliance with all SMS regulations. Get in touch now and set up your messaging program with the help of our experts.

Restriction Description
Data privacy Sending party is responsible for the data collected, and the username and password created and stored on the platform.
Opt in Sending party is responsible for obtaining opt-in consent to SMS traffic from data subjects. The contractor (i.e. Clickatell) will not be liable in relation to the data subjects if consent is not obtained.
Opt out Offer data subjects at least one opt-out option for SMS sent by user.
Message format
  • Concatenation, Unicode and binary messaging is not supported.
  • Brazil only supports a maximum of 157 characters per message (and not 160 characters, like most other countries).
Content of message SMS messages may not contain content:

  • with electoral or political content;
  • that mentions or refers to any operators that have an activity similar to the operators (i.e.: which contains carrier marketing messages);
  • with advertising or promotional content, or that promotes products or services of any company, website or trademark;
  • that breaches third party intellectual property rights;
  • with discounts, promotional amounts, giveaways or any special deals for products or services;
  • that refers to contests or lucky draws, whether for free or not, whether approved by the Caixa Econômica Federal or not, promoted in Brazil or abroad;
  • that promotes ideologies, including without limitation political ideas, news channels, religious, personal or other schools of thought.
  • that relates in any way to termination of pregnancies. Abortion is illegal in Brazil and sending such content can result in serious punishment and/or imprisonment.
  • Brazil only supports a maximum of 157 characters per message (and not 160 characters, like most other countries).

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