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What are best practices for sending SMS globally?

  • It’s always better to have your customers’ consent before you send them any sort of communication, including SMS. It’s also imperative that you offer an easy and free way for them to opt out. Many countries have rules in place for double opt-in or express consent, so ensure that you’re familiar with the regulations in the country you are sending to.
  • Identify yourself with SenderID or within the body text of the message – it seems obvious, but many companies just assume that their customers will know who the message is coming from.
  • Don’t send messages between 9pm and 8am (end-user local time). If you’re sending internationally, make sure you take your customers’ time zones into account.
  • The days of bulk messaging everyone in your database a generic message are long gone. Customers expect personalized communication that is relevant and personalized to them. Segment your customers properly, personalize your message content, and respect your customers’ time.
  • Ensure that your SMS message is short, simple, and contains a clear call to action. You should, however, avoid excessive use of SMS short-hand as it may end up looking unprofessional.
  • Always disclose any fees that a customer might incur if they, for example, subscribe to your SMS service, or send you an opt-out message.

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