Australia SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

There are complex laws governing Australian SMS messaging, with many restrictions on the types of messages that can be sent to handsets. Most networks provide delivery receipts but bear in mind that your messages are unlikely to be delivered if they’re flagged as spam.

Direct marketing messages cannot be sent to handsets without prior consent from the recipient. Generally, express consent is required (for example, by means of an SMS), but in some cases, consent may be inferred through an existing relationship. View detailed restrictions in the table below or visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority for more information.

It’s a good idea to work with a sales advisor to ensure compliance with all Australian SMS regulations. Get in touch now and set up your messaging program with the help of our experts.


RestrictionDescriptionDND existsNoTime restrictionsNoInternational vs local splitNoLocal trafficN/AInternational trafficN/AGeneral content restrictions

  • Adult services must be sent via adult-specific short codes – i.e. short codes beginning with 195 or 196. Adult sites will be blocked by carriers unless the user’s handset is verified to belong to an adult.

  • Big fines can be given for sending SPAM.

Content registration requiredNoOpt-out instructions required


  • Users must opt in to your service via text message. Web/PIN opt-ins are not allowed

  • Double opt-in is required for subscription services

  • All marketing messages must include a STOP option

  • In the case of direct marketing messages, senders must include their identity and must provide a valid opt-out address.


Sender ID regulationsDynamic alpha supportedSender ID documentation requiredN/ACountry supports MNPYes


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