What are the messaging throughput limits for 10DLC Campaigns?

AT&T and T-Mobile rate limits depend on the Trust Score associated with your Brand. In addition to that, the rate limits and throughput may vary per Campaign Type and Use Case for each network.

Message TierUse Case (Risk Level)Use CaseBrand Trust ScoreT-Mobile Daily Cap per BrandAT&T TPM*AT&T MPS*A/TopStandard (low risk provider)Declared76-100200,0003,60060BStandard (low risk provider)Mixed/Marketing86-100200,0003,60060C / High MidStandard (medium risk provider)Declared51-7540,00060010DStandard (medium risk provider)Mixed/Marketing68-8540,00060010E / Low MidStandard (high risk provider)Declared16-5010,000601FStandard (high risk provider)Mixed/Marketing26-6510,000601T/LowBasic / unregistered  / low volume velocityLow volume mixed15-252,000120.2GSpecialConversational messagingMNO post-approvalTBD60010PSpecialCharityVetting requiredTBD601SSpecialSocialVetting required  MNO pre-approvalTBD60,0001,000QSpecialPolitical messagingVetting requiredTBD3,00050XSpecialEmergency services / Public servicesMNO pre-approvalTBD3,00050ZSpecialLarge CSP free trial offersMNO pre-approvalTBD601NSpecial*Agents, franchise, local branchesMNO post-approvalTBD3,60060

*TPM - Text Per Minute    *MPS - Messages Per Second


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