Scripts for easy SMS message sending

Python library

Used for developing programs and websites. After signing up, use this Python library to incorporate into your current systems.

Java library

Used for server applications and mobile development. After signing up, use this Java library to build into your system.

C# library

Used by smaller systems like home automation to send SMS alerts. After signing up, use this C# library and easily integrate it into your system.

Ruby scripts

Used mostly for websites and smaller programs. After signing up, use this Ruby code sample and start playing around.

PHP library

Used by web-based clients to send SMS alerts and notifications. After signing up, use this PHP library to include in your project.

Scripts for easy SMS message sending

Our bulk SMS gateway is reliable, scalable and flexible based on your messaging requirements. Choose from our ready-made scripting languages, which offer simple modification and the ability to send SMS messages with your own sender ID and delivery reports.

Our SMS APIs make it simple for you to integrate your system or application with our SMS gateway, and enable you to instantly send and receive SMS messages using any application. We provide additional APIs and code scripts to streamline integration, and excellent product handbooks to support these.

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