REST API: Request parameters

SMS messages are sent by making HTTP or HTTPS calls to the API. You can loop through your list of mobile numbers and make HTTPS requests to send SMS messages to them.

The REST API supports the following SMS features:


Content of the message


Number to deliver the message to (number must start with ‘+’)


The two-way number that will be used for message delivery


Message body (content) delivered by client needs to be in binary format


Value received from client system


Schedule your message to be delivered at a specified time in format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss+0200 (with +0200 representing the time zone). Example: “scheduledDeliveryTime”:”2017-02-27T14:30:00+0200″


UDH (user data header) content of a message


Our system will attempt to resubmit unsuccessful messages for the duration of the validity period. The request will be cancelled if it has not been successfully processed once the validity period is exceeded. The default period is 1440 minutes (1 day).


ASCII, UCS2-BE, UTF-8, Windows-1252. If you do not specify the charset, it will be treated as UTF-8 by default.

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