29 March 2019

One API: Error messages

29 March 2019
2 minutes

The following error messages are generated by the Clickatell platform during a validation phase. These error messages are sent back to your application.

Clickatell will not charge you if these errors are generated when sending a message.


Error Code HTTP Status Code Short Description
1 401 Invalid or missing Integration API Key
2 400 Account is not active
3 400 Integration is not active
7 401 Originating IP address is not approved in your account
18 500 Internal error
19 503 Internal error, please retry
20 Insufficient account balance
21 Payload data is malformed
22 400 Maximum messages per request payload exceeded
23 400 Invalid or missing parameter: (parameter name)
24 400 Maximum message content size exceeded
25 400 Invalid recipient address: (msisdn/email/username)
26 Recipient opted out
27 Recipient not available on channel
28 Recipient not available on sandbox
29 Reserved for future generic recipient level error
30 400 Content type not supported
31 400 Media file size exceeds limit of ‘(size)’ MB
32 400 Media payload size exceeds limit of ‘(size)’ MB
33 to 37 Reserved for future generic media errors
38 400 Channel is not active on integration
39 400 Channel is not available on integration
40 400 Character set is not supported: (charset)
41 400 Resource does not exist
42 400 HTTP method is not supported on this resource
43 400 Rate limit
44 400 FROM number is suspended
45 400 FROM number is not related to integration
Channel specific errors: SMS
100 400 Maximum message parts exceeded
101 400 Destination does not support two-way messaging
110 400 USA Country limit: must use two-way integration
111 400 USA Country limit: must enable STOP/SUBSCRIBE commands on integration
Channel specific errors: WhatsApp
None yet


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