HTTP API: Request parameters

SMS messages are sent by making HTTPS calls to the API. You can loop through your list of mobile numbers and make HTTPS requests to send SMS messages to them.

The HTTP API supports the following SMS features:






This is the authentication key used to call and unlock the specific integration service. Refer to the Platform portal to retrieve this key for the specific HTTP API integration you want to utilize to deliver your messages. (It will be included in the CURL sample in the code library for that integration).



The mobile number to which the message must be delivered. The number should be in international format with no + symbol or leading zeros.



The text content of the message. Note that some characters take up two character spaces due to GSM encoding standards.


Only when sending with a two-way integration

The two-way number that will be used for message delivery. This parameter is only required if you want to send messages using a two-way integration type. You must specify the specific two-way number that is linked to the integration you’re specifying via the API key.

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