Communicator 2

The easy way to send bulk SMS messages with a web-based solution. No programming, no download necessary. Send personalized SMS messages and receive replies directly into your Communicator 2 Inbox.

What you can do with Communicator 2

SMS reminders Remind customers about appointments, events, payments.
SMS alerts
Alert customers to important events or incidents.
Mobile marketing Run promotions or actively invite competition entries using two-way messaging.

Features for global SMS delivery


  • Fast and reliable message delivery.
  • Personalize any of the 25 message templates, or create your own.
  • Upload your batches for quick once-off messaging.

Address book

  • Easily import and manage contacts.
  • Create distribution lists for campaigns.
  • Dynamically import new groups from your .csv file.


  • Split-test your campaigns by creating two or more distribution lists.
  • Efficiently monitor, track and analyze your messaging campaigns.
  • Compare current reports to historical data in order to plan your campaigns efficiently.


KCB Group sends banking alerts, and new products and promotions to its customers.

Garena Online offers users extra security with two-factor authentication.

BP South Africa uses SMS as a CRM tool to manage customer feedback.

Start sending SMS messages today

Our credit system lets you send SMS message to any destination, whatever the exchange rate or currency used.

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