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QNAP NAS ensures that users never miss out on critical system events

23 November 2017
3 minutes

Critical alerts SMS

QNAP specializes in providing cutting-edge network attached storage (NAS) solutions for file sharing, virtualization, storage management, and surveillance applications to address corporate, SMB, SOHO and home user needs. QNAP NAS devices use SMS alerts to inform IT administrators about different events like system errors, warnings, and other critical notifications.

Empowering through innovation

QNAP believes strongly in the power of innovation and constantly explores ways to help consumers empower their lives and businesses using QNAP NAS solutions. Benefiting from their expertise in hardware-software integration, QNAP has a full lineup of high-quality NAS devices featuring a variety of innovative functions to meet the needs of both home and business users.

QNAP NAS devices use SMS for critical system notifications and alerts

Since reliability is a primary priority for mission-critical business applications, it was a no-brainer for QNAP to integrate SMS notifications into its NAS devices. Using the Notification Center, QNAP NAS customers are able to configure multiple notification settings which are enabled using Clickatell’s SMS APIs.

The immediate alert notifications enable IT administrators or home users to take full control of the most recent status of their NAS devices and take immediate actions to troubleshoot quickly and efficiently, thereby considerably minimizing downtime caused by unexpected failures.

According to Bennett Cheng, Product Manager for QNAP, “SMS is perfect for critical notifications because you can be sure that the notification will be received’.

He continued to say that, “With Clickatell’s SMS service, QNAP users have an excellent, reliable notification server which helps the user address important issues from their NAS quickly, making sure that all their important data won’t be affected.”

Two-way SMS allows users to respond to the NAS 

Using two-way SMS messaging, QNAP NAS users are also able to quickly reply and respond to any notification or request from their device. For example, when a user is notified that they need to update the application version of their device, they’re able to instruct the NAS to update their application versions automatically.

Why choose Clickatell?

Cheng says that Clickatell was an easy choice for QNAP. “Reliable, industry leaders, with competitive prices offering an easy sign up process and easy API integration.”

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