Karri uses SMS to simplify school payments

04 November 20152 minutes

Karri SMS case study

Karri is an innovative mobile payments application that simplifies school payments helping parents, teachers, and kids. Powered by Nedbank, Karri is a global first and a brilliant solution that eliminates the inconvenience of school payments for all sorts of school events and activities.

The ingenious little app reduces time and efforts spent on administrative tasks, allowing teachers to rather focus on educating their pupils. At the same time, parents no longer have to search for coins or the correct amounts of physical cash to make essential school payments.

Here’s how it works

Parents receive reminders of upcoming events via emails, push notifications, and SMS messages. They’re then able to conveniently and instantly make a payment via the app at the click of a button. You can see just how easy it is here.

Built-in reminder, transaction history, and calendar functionalities help ensure these school payments are made on time and that events like civvies days don’t come as a last minute surprise.

And for schools, Karri allows for a holistic view of all monies being transacted throughout the year. Schools also receive live reports on the statuses of payments via Karri, and can record all other payments on the event collection dashboard. No more collecting, counting, and banking cash!

How does SMS help solve Karri’s communication challenges?

Karri co-founder Louis Buys explains that Karri relies heavily on its ability to communicate with parents, particularly in the period before they adopt the service. “To do this Karri uses a blend of communication channels to reach parents,” Buys says. “The success of this communication reaching parents is critical in driving the adoption of the app”.

Buys says that parents often don’t have email set up on the mobile phones, resulting in them trying to navigate to the app via their desktop or laptop leading to frustration. “Karri has used SMS to great effect in the onboarding process,” Buys continues. “Because SMS messages are delivered directly to their mobile phones, parents are able to navigate the download process and installation process with ease, and with a far higher success rate”.

Why integrate Clickatell’s SMS APIs?

Buys says his team integrated Clickatell’s APIs quickly and easily and that, “this allows us to fire off an SMS from anywhere in our tech stack, making it very easy to develop it into applications”.

Cost-effective bulk pricing along with the range of developer tools and documentation were also vital for Karri when choosing a bulk SMS gateway. “Clickatell has very good developer docs as well as a good set of code examples. “This was our major deciding factor”.

The use of SMS messaging to empower the education sector is very exciting for Clickatell. And, in the current mobile-always landscape, one would be forgiven for thinking that mobile applications could replace SMS notifications but Karri is the perfect example of how SMS, in fact, contributes to the ultimate success of mobile apps.