Assisting a satellite communications system with ATM notifications to banks in Tanzania.

The Problem

SatCom Networks Africa Ltd (SCNA) introduced an electronic funds transfer switch in Tanzania, which facilitates electronic transactions from various banks and financial organizations. The banks needed a mode of ATM notifications: a way to be informed of any event on their ATMs, such as low currency notes in the ATM, running out of paper, power failures or fraud attempts. 

The Solution

With the help of Clickatell's SMTP API connection (email to SMS), Satcom was able to integrate the SMS alerts, which informed the banks of any impending or existing problems.

The Result

Customer satisfaction has increased: ATM notifications make banks aware of impending problems, thus enabling them to proactively resolve issues before they affect customers. Satcom is now looking at introducing SMS alerts for monitoring various other devices on the network.

SMS Platform

Clickatell SMS Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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