Matching people with jobs and offering crisis aid to rural communities in East Africa and the Middle East.

The Problem

Souktel's JobMatch service helps young people find jobs, while AidLink connects aid agencies with people in need. AidLink required a simple SMS software platform that would help them send direct, immediate, low-cost SMS alerts to those in need. JobMatch needed an SMS solution that could give jobseekers a way of sending a ‘mini CV’ even without internet access.

The Solution

Souktel opted to work with Clickatell to supply users with quick and easy access to its database application, across a variety of mobile networks. Clickatell offered Souktel a two-way messaging program and long numbers to facilitate fast set-up of emergency two-way messaging systems.

The Result

Souktel was able to offer higher quality messaging services as well as quicker and more efficient communication within communities. Souktel benefited from significant cost savings, as agencies were now able to reach local populations by SMS, rather than expensive voice calls. Souktel found it easily to integrate its billing application with Developers' Central to create streamlined account billing.

SMS Platform

Clickatell SMS Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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