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TextaParent app uses SMS to keep Irish families of school students in the loop

04 November 20152 minutes

TextaParent SMS Messaging

The TextaParent app is a cost-effective and time-saving tool used by Irish schools to communicate with hundreds of parents at once via SMS messaging.

The Problem

With over 450,000 children attending 3,300 primary schools in Ireland, the Irish Primary Principals' Network (IPPN) turned to Clickatell for a quick, simple, and affordable way for schools to send vital information to parents and teachers at any time. The TextaParent app needed to be able to instantly communicate a range of important messages - everything from notifications about emergency school closures, last-minute timetable changes, and motivational messages, to emergency contact alerts, staff updates, and important reminders.

The Solution

Using Clickatell's reliable SMS gateway, IPPN educators were able to develop a text alert and messaging service called TextaParent. With the TextaParent app, school administrators can easily communicate important or time-critical information with parents, staff, and community services via SMS. Communication is quick, secure, and cost-effective and the TextaParent app allows messages to be sent from the website to some, or all, parents or guardians in the school. The costs of using paper and stationery, as well as general administration time and costs are also reduced significantly. SMS is by far one of the most cost-effective communication channels available today.

The Result

The TextaParent app uses Clickatell's SMS service to allow schools with tight budgets to deliver information in a cost-effective way. Schools are also able to better organize events or reach large groups of people quickly. Given Clickatell's global coverage, messages are received on all major Irish networks and it's no secret that SMS messages have a staggering 98% open rate which means that messages are actually being read. 90% of delivered messages are read within 3 minutes so the immediacy also makes it a key component in ensuring that important messages are received timeously.