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BeeTalk:   A 2FA customer success story

In a marketplace inundated with chat apps, BeeTalk sets itself apart from others with strong user authentication via SMS 2FA.

Received 09:34

Hi Arthur. Please verify your mobile number by entering the OTP 38980 into your BeeTalk app. Sent 2015/05/31 09:11:57

The Problem

Users download BeeTalk – the social messaging app – to meet people with similar interests on an entertaining platform. BeeTalk developers recognized that new connections had to be built safely through stronger user authentication. The chosen form of user authentication should require minimal development work.

The Solution

BeeTalk decided to implement SMS two-factor authentication (2FA) for quick and easy integration. Clickatell was chosen due to its worldwide reach and proven deliverability of user authentication messages. These factors met BeeTalk's need for easy, reliable global expansion.

The Result

Clickatell enabled Beetalk to securely sign up millions of users in Asia in just a few months. Users were kept safe from hackers and phishers with SMS two-factor authentication (2FA). BeeTalk’s user base is growing exponentially, and Clickatell's scalable SMS solutions are able to meet this rapidly growing demand.

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