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Use the World's Number One Chat Platform to Increase your Business ROI

To grow your business, you’re going to need to invest in the right type of technologies that will advance your operations without eating up all your profits. And, in an increasingly mobile world, you need to factor in the flexibility of any technological solution, alongside its functionality. WhatsApp, which is currently the world’s leading chat platform, has pivoted into the business space and is providing Chat Commerce and marketing solutions that drive your return on investment (ROI). Here’s a look at how this business-to-consumer (B2C) solution is achieving this.

What is Chat Commerce through WhatsApp?

Chat Commerce and conversational shopping (or conversational commerce) are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Conversational shopping is powered by a conversational AI (artificial intelligence) allowing it to be used on various channels. Chat Commerce, however, uses chat platforms like WhatsApp to conduct mobile-only commercial transactions. Because customers are able to engage with your business using a chat platform they currently have, there’s no need to download the app, visit your website or meet with anyone personally – it’s readily available.

What are the benefits of Chat Commerce for business?

Using Chat Commerce, you’re bringing your business directly to your customers on their preferred chat platform, thereby driving ROI. Here’s a look at the many benefits of this mobile commerce solution. 

  • Security: All transactions conducted via WhatsApp are completely safe and secure because the chat app has in-built privacy and security features. 

  • ·Convenience: All payments made using Chat Commerce are incredibly simple and easy. Customers are already familiar with the WhatsApp app and its functionalities, so there’s no further need for training. The simplicity of this transaction really sets Chat Commerce apart from conversational shopping.

  • Engagement: Using Chat Commerce, you’re engaging directly with your customers on their preferred medium. This entrenches brand loyalty and trust. 

  • Expansion: Chat Commerce allows you to expand your customer reach through this digital channel, both locally and abroad.

  • Functionality: There are so many uses for Chat Commerce across a range of industries. Customers can check in for flights and order meals; they can send material lists to contractors; quickly pay outstanding invoices; confirm or change appointments; check the status of deliveries; or engage with their banks for transactions and account checks. 

What is WhatsApp marketing?

Another way WhatsApp will drive ROI is by using this ubiquitous chat app for marketing purposes. Using a combination of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API, you can drive product and service engagement with your customers in real time.

What are some tips for WhatsApp marketing?

When using WhatsApp as a marketing tool for business, remember that you need to consider your campaign strategy and techniques you’re going to use, as this won’t be the same as marketing across other platforms. Here are a few tips to consider:

Tip#1: Make it personal

You can use the WhatsApp Labels feature to segment your audience into relevant categories, such as demographics, geography, and interests. This way, you can tailor the messaging for a much higher chance of conversion. 

Tip#2: Create catalogues

Another great feature of WhatsApp business is the catalogue option which allows you to showcase your products and services via a useful catalogue. This is easy for the customer to find and peruse in their own time.

Tip#3: Use Quick Replies

This is a great time-saving WhatsApp feature that lets you create and save quick messages that respond to those frequently asked questions. This frees up employee time for more business-driven tasks. 

Tip#4: Focus on the customer

When engaging with customers on WhatsApp, you’ve got to take on a customer-centric approach. It’s not about selling your products and services (well, in essence it is!), it’s about making a connection with those customers and building a relationship so that they’re with you for the long run.

Tip#5: Entice your customers

The rising cost of fuel and living expenses means that more people are looking for ways to make the money go further. So why not meet them where their needs are? Use WhatsApp to share any promotions and discounts with your customers so that you’re moving your stock while making your customers feel appreciated. Birthday specials and other customized promotions are also great ways to engage. 

What are the benefits of WhatsApp for business?

Whether you’re connecting with your customers using WhatsApp as a marketing tool or commercial entity, there are so many benefits you’ll enjoy that translate to boosted profits. Here are a few that should convince you it’s the right move for your business.

1. Cost savings

WhatsApp is a much more affordable business marketing and commerce tool than many of the alternatives, and is much more effective than SMS or email engagement. Because your customers are ready and willing to engage on WhatsApp, you’re retaining more customers rather than having to acquire new ones – which can be five times more expensive for your business. 

2. Improve your conversion rate

Phone calls from call centres will often go unanswered or the line will get cut prematurely. When you’re engaging via WhatsApp, you customers are empowered in that they can open and read the message in their own time, ignore it, or engage. They’re not feeling bullied into something, the power is in their hands. This sense of comfort leads to a much higher conversion rate with businesses generating even more leads through WhatsApp. 

3. Improved customer experience (CX)

With Millennials now dominating the marketplace, businesses need to shift strategies to meet a much more digitally conscious generation that wants what they want, when they want it, and in the most convenient manner possible. That’s WhatsApp! Brands can drastically improve customer experience by engaging via WhatsApp, which facilitates real-time engagement, even after hours (automated responses!). A better customer experience leads to customer loyalty and retention, thereby boosting ROI. 

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