Increase Your Sales and Customer Engagement with Retail Solutions by Clickatell

“Nearly 80% of American consumers say that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service are the most important elements of a positive customer experience. Prioritize technologies that provide these benefits rather than adopting new technologies for the sake of being cutting edge.” - PwC 

The drastic shift to online retail over the past few years has forced companies to relook at their service offerings and consider, quite critically, how they engage with customers. Retail solutions, such as those offered by Clickatell, will ensure that customers are getting the information, products, and services they want on the communication platforms they prefer. Through WhatsApp Business API and SMS API, Clickatell provides business with comprehensive retail offerings that increase your sales and drive customer engagement. Here’s how…

How can you increase sales through WhatsApp API?

“WhatsApp Business was downloaded 17 million times in the Apple App Store in March 2021 with 2.99 million five-star reviews... Moreover, the messages on WhatsApp Business API carry an open rate of 99%, with users answering over 40% of the messages.” – Finances Online 

While WhatsApp facilitates communication with customers for smaller companies and start-ups, WhatsApp Business API was launched for larger companies to communicate with multiple customers at scale. It’s important that businesses leverage this incredible communication platform correctly to improve customer engagement and drive your sales. Here’s a look at the ways this can be achieved. 

-   Automate notifications

When using WhatsApp API for Chat Commerce, Clickatell’s Chat 2 Pay platform will send your customers automated notifications when a payment has been made, as well as when a payment has failed. This is an effective way to engage with customers in a practical and meaningful way. 

-   Promote products and services 

“Cellit reviewed 1,180 campaigns sent by national retailers and analyzed how they are using SMS to grow their databases, retain loyal subscribers, and drive sales. One of the key findings is that SMS produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing when used for redemption, data collection, and brand awareness.” – Retail Dive

Using the WhatsApp platform, you can drive sales by promoting the latest additions to your range, discounted offers, and other useful information directly to your customers – with a better chance of conversion. When integrated with CRM (customer relationship management) software, you can even customize the messaging to target specific audiences.

-  Communicate order and delivery updates

Customers want to know what’s happening with their purchase, from the time the funds are paid through to the time the product is secured. To improve your customer engagement, you can keep customers updated with the status of their order shipments, delivery tracking, and notifications through real-time visibility.

-     Decrease abandoned carts

Based on several ecommerce studies, the average shopping cart abandonment rate sits at around 68% to 75%, with customers still making up their minds on the purchase or simply forgetting about it. However, through the WhatsApp API platform, you can nudge your customers back to the cart to finalize the purchase and drive more sales.

-  Order confirmation

Using WhatsApp Commerce, you can send your customers order confirmations, which creates more brand loyalty, as well as using this platform to upsell and cross-sell related products. When consumers are being offered items in a more customized manner, then there’s more opportunity for driving sales. 

-   Loyalty programmes for customers

“The aim is to gain and keep loyal customers who time and again choose your brand over others. In order to aid this process, brands implement numerous tools and methods, one of which is loyalty programs. The entire customer loyalty management market worldwide is valued at more than four billion U.S. dollars and it is expected to surpass 18 billion by the end of 2028.” – Statista

The results related to brand loyalty are overwhelmingly in favour of establishing loyalty programmes. In the USA, around 72% of consumers are signed up to at least one active reward scheme, with loyal customers making purchases 90% more frequently. And the easiest way to communicate loyalty programmes and rewards with customers? Via WhatsApp or SMS API. This not only cements brand loyalty with existing customers, it also attracts many new customers to your brand as well. 

- Feedback on customer experience

Nobody knows better than the customer what their brand experience has been – so get this information directly from them using Clickatell’s retail solutions. Send a survey via SMS or WhatsApp Business API with Quick Reply buttons to make the process quicker and easier. Nobody has time for extensive feedback and services, unless you’re offering some great rewards.

- Chatbots for customer support

WhatsApp Commerce facilitates chatbots that allow you to provide your customers with 24/7 support, no matter where they are in the world. Ensure constant customer engagement through chatbots, which can:

  • Answer customer queries

  • Provide frequently asked questions

  • Direct to a customer service agent through Live Chat

  • Offer personalized recommendations

  • Gather feedback

  • Finalize sales 

-  Facilitate payment

WhatsApp Business API and SMS API drives sales by providing Chat Commerce on the platform. Using Clickatell’s Chat 2 Pay, customers receive a simple pay-by-link feature whereby you can request and facilitate payments on the communication platform. The payment is triggered by your call centre agent from the order management system (OMS) which is sent directly to the customer. When you make payment easy, you drive sales.

What are the benefits of Clickatell’s retail solutions?

Clickatell has been providing industry-changing Chat Commerce platforms for some two decades, connecting businesses with their customers at scale, with speed. Some of the benefits of going with Clickatell’s retail solutions include:

  • Building meaningful relationships with real-time communication

  • Providing customers with a secure platform boasting end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication

  • Reaching more than 2 billion active WhatsApp users in 180 countries with reliable and instant communication

  • A higher delivery, open and conversion rates with interactive messages, images, videos, and popular document formats

  • An intuitive and user-friendly customer service that increases customer engagement and drives sales 

Find out more about Clickatell’s retail solutions by getting in touch with the team today.


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