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Improve Brand Stickiness: How to Retain Customers with Live Chat

Looking for a new and improved way to grow your business, keep your customers happy, and polish your brands’ customer service quality? Look no further!

According to data research from Econsultancy, “live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.” Live Chat is no stranger to this modern technology-driven world and for companies to properly cater to what consumers want in a sophisticated customer experience (CX), the implementation of Live Chat is an essential addition to a successful omnichannel digital strategy.

Live Chat is an all-encompassing mechanism in engaging with your customers with a personal touch, increasing response times for a high volume of messages, and ultimately improving your consumer retention and client loyalty. Give your consumers the power of convenience and make them feel heard anywhere and everywhere. Whether it be offline, online, desktop, or mobile, Live Chat is a key player in retaining customers and nurturing those relationships. Here are the top three ways to utilize Live Chat within your marketing strategy and start immediately enhancing your brands’ customer support!

1. Accessibility to customer support

Poor cell service or connection? No worries, we have Live Chat. Not near your laptop? We’ve got you covered with Live Chat. We are all living in a mobile-first world where everybody is constantly glued to their cell phones. Why not meet the customers where they are? By businesses adapting and finding new ways to provide the highest quality of care for their clients, catering to their needs is an essential factor in strengthening customer relationships. Live Chat is created to be accessible for customers on any device, allowing them to get answers quickly, efficiently, and right on their mobile devices. It removes the tedious need to press button after button on a phone call, just to get put on hold to reach a sales representative, and even allows consumers to continuously multitask while resolving their issues with your company. This level of customer support is necessary for nurturing your consumer relationships and ensuring they have everything they need to flourish with your company's products or services.

 2. Constant Availability

Time is of the essence. The value of responsiveness and availability is a vital element to customer retention as customers want to know that they can easily get the right help at the right time. According to Forrester’s Trend Report, “53% of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question; 73% say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service.

When it comes to great customer service, companies create loyal clients by helping them resolve their issues quickly and with ease. Live Chat makes your consumers feel that you are always there for them, whenever they need. Unlike waiting endlessly while being on hold for a sales representative, Live Chat allows a business to be present, even when you’re not. An excellent user journey is a top priority in increasing your customer retention rate and the answer is simple – reduce your response time and increase your customer satisfaction by enhancing the support experience and offering instant answers and automated responses to support queries with Live Chat.

3. Personalized Customer Service

Take a more tailored approach in your customer interactions to establish a more meaningful connection with your audience. Live Chat helps humanize your customer support while bolstering client loyalty. The pandemic has made many businesses transform into fully remote efforts so this effective tool lets brands bring back the personal touch and interactive conversation back into the picture. This marketing solution combines an effective automated experience with real personalization, resulting in greater levels of real-time customer engagement!

On top of all of those benefits, Live Chat also increases the efficiency and productivity of your sales teams and representatives. The countless hours gained by using this method of automation within your workflows would boost the amount of time your team could focus on catering to customer relationships and developing brand trust. Customer experience (CX) is a critical factor in the success of your business. Don’t overlook this key player in your digital marketing strategies and communications efforts. Interested in getting started? We can help!

Improve your Customer Experience and Communications Strategy with Clickatell

Are you ready to take the leap and start 2022 off strong with an improved omnichannel digital strategy? Let’s elevate your customer experience with Live Chat, so that they know you’re there for them, no matter the time or place.

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Refocus your business efforts and allow our team at Clickatell to help your team work smarter, not harder. Excited to start improving your customer retention and experience today? Reach out to our sales team and we’ll answer all your questions on how to get started.


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