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Easy Logistic Solutions and Parcel Tracking through Chat

“Safewise found that a mind-boggling 64.1% of Americans have been victims of package theft in the last year — a 36% increase from the prior year, according to the survey — and 53.5% had multiple parcels snatched during that period.” - New York Post

Whether through theft or mismanagement, there has been a steady rise in lost parcels as the eCommerce industry explodes. The influx of queries about lost or delayed parcels has proved increasingly challenging for those in the logistics customer service industry. Call centres are inundated with calls that agents simply can’t attend to timeously. Rather than creating a situation where customers are left frustrated or angered, there’s a simple solution for logistics companies in the form of Chat Flow. Through this chat system, customers can engage with chatbots and live chat agents across multiple communication channels, getting the parcel delivery information they require on time. 

What are the uses of parcel tracking through chat?

According to Statista, as of 2022, WhatsApp is the most popular global mobile messenger app worldwide with approximately two billion monthly active users. Follow this up with the fact that, by 2023, there will be 3.6 trillion business-related texts sent, and it’s quite evident where people are interacting. If those in the logistics industry are really looking to engage with customers and provide them with an elevated customer experience, then meeting them on these chat platforms is how it’s done. Here’s a look at how Chat Flow provides logistical solutions for modern business: 

1.  Assist in site navigation

 If a customer is trying to find out how to access information on a logistics website, a chatbot will provide clear guidance and easy access to the necessary information. These query bots can be programmed to respond to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that tend to take up a customer support agent’s time. There’s no need for customers to get overwhelmed, and where a chatbot can’t assist, the Chat Flow solution will simply navigate the user to a live agent. 

2. Provide parcel tracking

Once a customer’s parcel has been shipped, they can immediately start tracking the item through the user-friendly chat interface. It’s simply a case of inputting their ID number, purchase order or freight number into the chat platform, and they will receive up-to-date information on where the parcel is located, as well as the estimated arrival time.

 3. Provide delivery information

One of the most frustrating things about deliveries is the arrival time. Often customers are given too wide a window with which to work (sometime between 8am and 9pm!), or the delivery suddenly appears at their door but there’s nobody there to sign for it. When customers are able to track their parcels through chat, this includes alerts related to estimated delivery times and the option for changing delivery times so that it suits both parties.

4. Cost calculations

Another benefit of chatbots in logistics is the ability to provide rough shipping cost calculations based on the shipment’s origin and destination. This helps the customer make a much more informed choice about delivery requirements. 

5. Alerts and notifications

Covid-19, flooding, protests, global conflict, equipment shortages… there are so many ways that the global supply chain can be impeded – leaving customers waiting for their parcel deliveries. Logistics companies can use Chat Flow to communicate any disruption in real-time, so that customers are made aware of unforeseen delays, and are provided with updates on new delivery times and schedules 

6. Receive customer feedback

There’s no way for a company to improve and grow if it keeps repeating the same mistakes and customers keep turning elsewhere for known reasons. The chat platform is the ideal way to engage customers and encourage their critical insights into business operations, what’s working, and what’s not. The survey can be a simple format or direct customers to something lengthier – although it’s worth considering an incentive for taking up substantial customer time.

What are the benefits of chat for logistics?

The many ways you can incorporate chat into your logistic solutions results in a much better customer experience and improved working conditions for your employees. Here’s how chat integration directly benefits your operation: 

-   Improved visibility

There is dual visibility when it comes to Chat Flow. Firstly, your customers benefit from the visibility of literally tracking their parcels from the time their deliveries are dispatched from the warehouse through to arrival at their door. This creates a sense of surety in the company model and allows for better planning. If this is a time-sensitive item like a gift or work-related material, people need to make a plan if it’s not arriving in time. Secondly, there’s increased visibility for logistics companies as all chat interactions can be recorded and monitored to ensure the best possible customer service.

 -  24/7 support

Logistics companies are often global operations dealing with varying time zones, languages, and demands. With Chat Flow, customers are offered instant support, at any time of day, in any language they prefer, no matter where they are in the world. If a live agent is required, one can be alerted, but it’s ideal for customers who need to track parcels across the globe. 

-  Reduction in human error

There’s always the risk of human error when sensitive information is being relayed over the phone. However, this is drastically reduced by Chat Flow, which is able to access customer details and delivery information immediately and provide an accurate response based on this. 

-  Happier customers

Not only are your customer service agents much happier with the reduced pressure and workload, your customers are also happier that they’re getting accurate and updated information when they need it. This makes them much likelier to recommend your company and use you again in the future. 

Why use Chat Flow for logistics?

Clickatell’s Chat Flow is the ultimate in logistic solutions and parcel tracking. You benefit from a powerful functionality that’s accessible through one of your customers’ most trusted apps. This makes product information, issue resolution, and even product purchase possible through one chat platform.

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