Why you need smart home tech in your home to increase value

Does smart home tech increase value?

Everyone wants to see the value of their property increase. Today, it doesn’t have to be merely physical additions that add value to the home. Technology can do wonders to increase value, without ever being seen with the naked eye. Turning your home into a smart home will radically improve it in the best ways imaginable.

Let’s examine why this matters.

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Technology savvy buyers

These days, when looking for new places to stay – whether hotels or homes – the modern buyer will take careful note of a new space’s technological features. Thanks to the global explosion of modern technology and internet-connected devices, modern spaces are expected to keep up.

Whether you’re dealing with tourists or potential home buyers, you cannot afford to underestimate expectations. As building design experts Aurecon noted in a report: “Nowadays, hotel guests who travel with devices such as phones, tablets, and computers no longer see Wi-Fi as a perk, but as a must-have when they check in at a hotel.”

Thus, having no Wi-Fi access is, for the modern person looking for a contemporary space, akin to having no electricity. Homeowners are wise to note such expectations when considering what makes their own property valuable.

What you need for the smart home

Today, homes are becoming so-called “smart homes” by virtue of technology’s progress. As we noted before, smart homes are ones where network-connected products control and automate various home functions. In other words, your mobile phone can manage home security, temperature and so on, wherever you are – like something out of a sci-fi writer’s dream.

Products that connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and so on are considered “smart technology” because of their ability to let apps connect and work on the Internet.

There is a range of options when it comes to smart home automation technology. For example, if you want total control of your lighting, temperature, and even shades, consider the Lutron Caséta Wireless. You have total control regardless of your location. This radically improves the value of your home without adding to physical costs or space.

Another key area for smart home technology is, of course, security. Homes are always more valuable when they’re well protected and modern technology protects people better than ever before. For example, the Nest Protect smoke detector sends alerts and allows full mobile functionality. This provides peace of mind when owners are not at home. (It even shows a faint white light if you walk beneath it in the dark, a neat little feature for those late night snacks.)


These are just some aspects to consider if you’re looking to improve your home and turn it into a smart home. As we’ve highlighted before, however, smart homes do need to consider cyber security if you want your systems to be safe, too. But once you create such a home, it’s value is sure to skyrocket.


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