Developers: Why should you use an FTP SMS API?

An SMS API is used by a developer to effectively manage an app or a website's bulk message needs. Different APIs are optimized for specific use-cases, so picking the correct API will make your life easier and keep you from pulling your hair out.

If you are looking for a bulk, non-time sensitive API that integrates with any software, you may want to try out Clickatell's FTP SMS API.

The question here is - why should you use an FTP SMS API?

The real reasons to use an FTP API

If you use batch processing for legacy systems it can be particularly useful to send high volume message dispatches from our FTP connection. With these direct connections you will be guaranteed a fast, easy way to send an important SMS batch anytime you need too.

The two-way messaging solution

Imagine a scenario, where your company needs to host a function, and wants to make it open to the public. There is just one problem - there is no SMS API in place for consistent two-way messaging using a quality API from a company like Clickatell.

Now, you are in need of the functionality, but don't want to spend too much time and effort setting up a whole big SMS system. Instead, you should nail down your goals and get hold of an affordable, once-off solution to get the word out about your function.

You already have a nice long list of 3500 numbers - staff, friends and family that will make the function memorable. If they all receive the message, the occasion will be a success.

  • Your SMS API needs to be easy, fast and detail a history log of files sent.

  • You still need the high-impact functionality that many of the larger SMS systems are capable of performing.

  • These bulk text messages must have batch sending capabilities, so that responses can be collected for the 'big event.'

Along with the much-needed basic SMS API functionality - you will also be able to enjoy the advanced features from our once-off FTP API.

Need extra features for your FTP solution?

There are also a number of other excellent features that you will be able to use as a developer that needs an FTP solution for your app or business.

  • Track your message progress with Sender ID and delivery acknowledgement.

  • Use gateway escalation to ensure that all the messages are sent.

  • Receive replies from your messages and instantly open up an effective two-way channel of communication between your app and its customers.

  • Send all sorts of great media messages with flash, binary content, Unicode text for special characters and plain text.

  • Send bulk text messages that are longer than usual to deliver your full message.

The FTP SMS API does the heavy lifting

The answer to your bilk, once-off messaging needs is a quality FTP API. It does all the heavy lifting for you, while still remaining reliable, customizable and quick to set up.

With a simple goal and the right SMS API, you won't have to worry about getting your message across in time to meet your goals. Send sales messages, alerts, emergency updates, notifications, and coupons or test the 'SMS effect' using our FTP API.


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