The opportunity for companies to target consumers in Indonesia is growing daily and, with Clickatell having introduced local long numbers to enable two-way messaging for the region, the possibility to penetrate this exploding market using a 2-way SMS service has increased exponentially.

How a local SMS long number can benefit your business in Indonesia

Long numbers are 2-way SMS service numbers that enable your local customers to reply to your SMS messages or to send you a text message. These numbers are usually as long as a standard local mobile number and are cheaper and far more cost effective to use than short codes. With long numbers, you have a local number for your domestic market that will become familiar and synonymous with your brand over time.

Customer feedback. Long numbers are an ideal way to gain invaluable customer feedback by setting up SMS surveys. You are not paying for incoming messages from your clients which makes a 2-way SMS service very cost-effective and a great way to engage with your customer base.

Opt-outs. With long numbers, you are also able to allow your customers to opt-out from receiving further messages by simply replying 'STOP'. Not only does this service protect your business by remaining compliant with local restrictions which require you to offer this service, it also builds brand loyalty and a satisfied customer database.

Lead generation. A valuable way to increase leads is to use your 2-way SMS service for traditional advertising to engage potential customers by getting them to simply SMS your 2-way long number to get a quote, or to contact you for further information on what your company has to offer them.

See how GO-JEK uses our 2-way SMS service in Indonesia to verify legitimate users who are signing up for their app while maintaining a great user experience.


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