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3 Compelling use cases for SMS short codes in business

Dedicated shortcodes for business

These 3 compelling use cases will help you understand the value and benefits of a short code, and identify when and whether it would be the right messaging product to choose for your campaigns.

The short of it

Short codes are a memorable 5 or 6 digit number and are ideal for sending high-volume messages in the business-to-consumer environment. With long numbers you can only send 1 message per second, making it more useful in person-to-person environments.  Short codes have the ability to send large numbers of messages at a consistent rate with much higher throughput than long numbers. Short codes are a potent SMS marketing and customer appreciation tool, especially for time-sensitive campaigns or critical alerts.

In the US, businesses legally require a two-way number in order for customers to be able to unsubscribe. In addition a long number in the US is restricted to sending small-volume messages, whereas using a short code enables you to send an unlimited amount of messages each month. Short codes are country-specific and can’t be used to connect with international customers.

For more insight on short codes and long numbers, watch this video.

You can purchase a dedicated memorable short code, which means you will be the only company that uses it and it will become synonymous with your brand, ensuring brand recognition and consistency. Dedicated short codes have increased functionality and high messaging throughputs. For a more cost-effective solution you can register a keyword on a shared short code, which means you will be assigned a unique SMS keyword but you will share the short code with other businesses. With standard short codes, your customers will pay the cost of a standard SMS when they reply. Premium short codes are a charged-for service and is ideal for voting, entering competitions or gathering data and can generate revenue for your company. Short code regulations also help your company stay compliant and protects your business.

Customer Relationships

For any business, long term customer relationships are far more valuable to your business than attempting to get an immediate conversion in an already very competitive landscape. Short codes are a reliable solution to increasing customer response rate online, in store or from any traditional advertising campaigns and can be used for marketing, promotions, call back requests, donations etc. Short codes enable you to build and nurture a direct relationship with your end-consumer by utilizing software that facilitates targeting and segmentation. Short codes also opt-in customers, which leads to building a loyal and satisfied customer database.

Now that you recognize the clear benefits of short code SMS marketing,  Clickatell will assist in finding the best short code option for your business. With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, Clickatell will manage the approval process and set up with the network operator. Find out more about short codes, how they work, and how to apply for a short code to get started with your SMS marketing campaign today. 

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