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When it comes to two-factor authentication, you have options

2 factor authentication providers

When it comes to security for your website or app, we all know two-factor authentication can be an excellent solution. By encouraging your users to enable two-step on their account (or requiring it), you help protect their account, and in turn, your business from hackers. It's a no-brainer when your user base hits a certain threshold, but also an area where many developers don't know where to get started.

What does it take to enable two-factor authentication?

Enabling two-factor authentication on your app or service is a reasonably simple process. You've likely already set up the first step: a username and password. To set up the second step, you'll need to decide where and how users will receive that second one-time password to confirm their identity. The easiest and most popular choice for that, of course, is through SMS , simply because most users will have their own mobile phone and have it handy when they're trying to log in.

What options do I have when it comes to SMS?

You can build your authentication system in-house if you're feeling adventurous or create it using an open-source solution (think Google Authentication) or full-package provider. Unless you select a full-service, you'll still be on your own when it comes to selecting an SMS provider to send all those authentications.

What should I look for in an SMS provider?

The SMS service you choose for your two-factor authentication can be as important as implementing the service itself. When you're looking for the right solution, make sure the provider you choose offers coverage where your users live and work and can handle the amount of traffic you're about to throw at it. You also need to ensure the service will work with your code and that the cost involved isn't going to cut considerably into your company's profits. There's a lot to think about throughout the process, and a lot of small things you can miss if you're not paying attention. Need a little help? We've created a basic guide that will help you determine what service provider is the perfect fit for your needs: Cybersecurity and how 2FA can assist.

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