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Using WhatsApp Business for better customer engagement marketing

WhatsApp for business engagement

WhatsApp Business is a fairly new addition to our digital space. But it’s one which is already making waves. Many companies are already using it and are seeing it being implemented in their customer engagement marketing strategy to great success. Although useful for many different reasons, it can be especially useful when using it to improve customer service. And, really, if you’re concerned with your business’s bottom line, what could be more important?

Messaging has seen a significant change in recent years. Starting out as the way you communicate with your parents and besties, it’s now become a much-used, and even preferred form of business communication. WhatsApp is a much-loved chat application which connects more than 1 billion people around the world daily. WhatsApp Business takes things a step further by connecting those 1 billion people with the businesses they choose to interact with and buy from. As a business, sending notifications and conducting 2-way conversations with customers has likely always been something you’ve always hoped to do. Now you can.

According to the Facebook Messaging Survey, mobile messaging is being used by an ever-increasing number of people across the world. The survey, which studied the messaging habits of 12 500 people in 14 countries across the world, found that 54 percent of people used messaging to extend their networks and a massive 67 percent of people expected to use it to communicate with businesses within the next two years.

People of all age groups were surveyed and up to 65 percent of them said they’d prefer to message rather than call or email when communicating, whether one-to-one or with a group. Across all countries, messaging was described as convenient, efficient and economical. Who wouldn’t want those words to be associated with the customer engagement marketing services of their business? Here are some of the ways WhatsApp Business can help your business.

Personalize your WhatsApp Business profile

One of the biggest benefits of WhatsApp Business is that it allows you to personalize your profile. Instead of replying to someone’s personal profile, filled with emotional status updates, your profile will be filled with important information about your business. Information in this profile could include contact information, your website URL and operating hours, and a brief description of the products or services you offer. This provides a layer of legitimacy to your business, encouraging your customers to trust and do business with you.

Available, within reason

The beauty of WhatsApp Business is that your customers don't expect you to be available at all times. The application allows you to set operating hours and an “away message” so that your customers are kept informed about when you’ll be able to respond to them. This will make them feel like they’ve been heard. You’re also able to set specific responses or “quick replies” to some of the questions you regularly receive.

Labeling for tracking

Possibly one of its best features allows you to label your customers according to their order status. Rather than naming your contacts “Amy new customer” or “Shannon promo client”, you’ll be able to categorize your customers as soon as their status changes in your business. You can add labels to your clients like “Pending payment”, “Paid”, and more. This makes customer sorting and interaction that much easier.

As amazing as those solutions to improve your customer engagement marketing services are, we’ve been saving the best news for last. Clickatell was recently chosen as an authorized WhatsApp Business solution provider. We’re now able to offer businesses the ability to communicate and transact with their customers using this beneficial option. Have a look at the full benefits and features of the solution, and contact us to assist you through the application process.

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