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Top tips for implementing new marketing strategies for your business this year

There’s just something about the first few months of the new year. Your customers are in a spending slump after the festive season with many of them avoiding shopping and swiping their credit cards. And when you look at your income for those first few months, it shows. That’s why it’s time for you to get creative and implement some new and exciting marketing strategies and embrace marketing tools in the new year.

It’s only by offering incentives and special offers to your existing customers that they’ll be taken out of their post-festive season spending slump. A fresh and interesting marketing campaign could be just what your business needs right now. Here are some ideas for how you can do just that.

Study your target market

You might be doing business the same way you always have. But right now that’s not leading to the results that you need to see. You need to be focused on increasing sales. One way to be certain your marketing plan will lead to results is by conducting market research. If your target customers aren’t who you think they are, your marketing efforts might be worthless.

Find out who your customers are, where they spend their time online and in real life, and which products or services they’d be willing to swipe their credit cards for. You can do this by sending a survey to your customer lists, by studying your Google Analytics data, or by using a combination of the two. You could also do some research into marketing tools which you could be using in your business to automate and improve your offerings to clients. Ideas for tools include Grammarly for writing assistance, BuzzSumo for blog post topic inspiration, and Buffer for social media management.

Bolster your marketing strategies with new channels

Your current marketing strategies might not be resulting in sales because you’re focusing on the incorrect channels. This information will emerge during your research phase. Your customers might never read your email marketing messages, see your bus bench advert or hear your radio jingle. But they might just notice your social media posts, read your blog posts, and click onto your campaign-specific landing pages linked within your SMS marketing messages. By combining your new research with a willingness to explore new options, you might just have found new success for your business.

Get creative with special offers

There’s no doubt that customers enjoy special offers. One way to offer something extra to your customers is by extending your holiday season specials. If you had slashed prices during the month leading up to December, why not continue your special offers until the end of February. By doing so, you’ll be sure to enjoy a few extra sales well into the new year. Also, consider adding additional products or services which complement your existing ones. By doing that, your customers will be sure to purchase complementary products. For instance, if your business is selling online courses, why not offer part one and two of a course for a special bundled price? There aren’t many people who can resist the feeling of scoring free or discounted goods from a retailer.

You know your business and now you know your customers. This is the time to implement those new marketing strategies, whether that means using new channels to market your services or by offering exciting specials and making use of different marketing tools. If you’d like to start using SMS marketing to reach your customers in a new and exciting way (and you should!), read our recent article highlighting top SMS marketing tips and tactics and giving you everything you need to know about using this marketing tool for your marketing strategies.

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